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Modern nursery with high quality

Our company of 32000 m² was completely renovated in 2009. It is situated in Bleiswijk in the greenhouse-farming region ‘Groendalseweg’. The modern greenhouses are equipped with a lighting installation of 8000 lux and therefore amply meet the requirements of today. We observe our corporate social responsibility in our production processes. With our CHP-installation (combined heat and power installation) we generate our own electricity, which we use in the winter season to illuminate the crops. Residual products, such as heat and CO2 are converted in the greenhouses to promote growth. Crop protection only takes place based on our observations. If possible, we use biological techniques. Nursery De Landscheiding has various modern technical machines at its disposal to make the labour easier. The plant robot with its capacity of 12000 plants per hour is a good example of that.

Business impressions

Production process
Our production process focuses on quality, diversity and continuity. All varieties are picked fresh each day. The product is sorted by maturity and weight; branches that are not ripe enough will be left for another day or two. In this way, we are able to offer a constant and uniform product with branches that are 100% usable.

Our team of motivated and experienced workers makes every effort to ensure that our customers get the best-quality products. We only package top-quality flowers.

Who are we?

Wilco Hofman, owner of Kwekerij De Landscheiding.

My name is Wilco Hofman. I am a grower and the owner of nursery ‘De Landscheiding’. I was born in Pijnacker in 1963. From the age of 19, I started growing chrysanthemums in my free time. After two years I took on the challenge of growing ‘normal culture’ chrysanthemums in an old rented greenhouse during the autumn. In 1985, I purchased my first company with an area of 4,500 m² and started growing ‘annual chrysanthemums’. After four years of hard work, my wife Martina and I moved to Bleiswijk in the province of South Holland. At the current location, we built a new company with 13,000 m² of space. In 1995, we started growing Santinis. In the meantime, the company has been further modernised and expanded. I also really enjoy the fact that two of our children regularly work for our company.

I really enjoy working together with my eldest daughter at the nursery.

Wilco and his daughter Juliska at the Trade Fair.

My name is Juliska van der Breggen- Hofman, born in 1990 and I am married to Stephan.

Because I grew up between “Santini” , I would like to do something completely different. That is why I completed my study Pedagogy in 2012.

Nevertheless my father gave his “flower-passion” to me and I started to do the Sales & Financial Administration. I’m doing this with a lot of fun and passion and I hope to do this for many more years.

Kwekerij 'De Landscheiding'

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