The convenience of online ordering

The Santinis are picked fresh daily and then prepared for transport. Only a limited amount of stock is kept in the cold store. We consider it very important that the flowers reach consumers as quickly as possible. However, under the current trading system, and due to causes that are beyond our control, some of the delivered products may not be as fresh as they should be. This is a shame because consumers are always on the lookout for products that are grown under the best possible conditions, processed, and delivered as fast as possible.

To facilitate this process, ‘De Landscheiding’ Nursery is actively involved in supplying its products to export companies, and their customers, via different webshop systems. This ensures that business partners further on in the supply chain also receive fresh stocks.

If you desire further information, please contact us and we will gladly be of service.

Kwekerij 'De Landscheiding'

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